The Shallow End

A weekly podcast of questionable value and questionable values

Episode 024: 'Best of' Clips Extrava-bonanza

In this penultimate episode of The Shallow End, we look back fondly at some of the funniest and most outrageous moments over the past twenty-three episodes. Sit back with your favorite drink and enjoy; it's time to  get handsy.

Episode 023: I'm just a thespian


In this episode, the boys wax poetic on independent films; shower buses for the homeless; President Obama's other job; the virtues and vices of 3D printed corsets; Hodor Hodor Hodor Hodor Hodor; the world's ugliest dog; flawed computer models; beautiful felons who could be models; and a ballsy prison escapes.

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Episode 022: Anti-homeless Measures

In this episode, the boys talk summer ales, the virtues and vices of moats, London's creative anti-homeless measures, Dunkin Donuts expanding more than your waistline, crazy rural Chinese ladies, the worst guidance counselor ever, and why cool kids don't stay cool forever.

Episode 021: The Sybian Episode


Do you like Disney movies and German pornography? The boys discuss brain-rotting porn, the threats video games pose to old white men, NorCal's desire to form its own state, benevolent marijuana sprites, the hottest new mystery junk food, hot dogs, and how not to be a criminal. Johnny might have performed the whole episode from atop a Sybian. 

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In a brief moment of seriousness, please follow this link to the FCC website and help them understand how bad a world without Net Neutrality will be. Thank you.

Episode 020: Is she tuggin her kid?


In this landmark twentieth episode, the boys discuss free tanks in the Ukraine, the proper frequency of washing your denim, Pat Sajak being a confirmed weirdo, what Google thinks about your state, Ball's Pyramid, the virtues and vices of Google's self-driving car, and a special return of The Lightning Round.

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Episode 019: But you tell the bullies that

Episode 018: I feel a certain kinship with this bear

The boys discuss HBO's laissez-faire stance on piracy, Amazon's purchase of ComiXology, a freeloading bear cub in Lake Tahoe, Patton Oswalt's penchant for trolling Twitter, ceremonial first pitches, why in the world Apple wants to buy Beats Audio, and lab-grown vaginas.

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Episode 016: "Maggie May" would be pretty sad


The boys discuss what they're playing; the best video game mod of the year; stripper names and sad stripper songs; the virtues and vices of Steam sales; the triumphant return of the KFC Double Down; kids struggling to figure out how to use a Walkman; railguns and what a joule is; and what happens when grown men take kickball too seriously.

Recorded on: 04/20/2014

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Episode 015: Will this get Jennifer back?!


The boys discuss what they’re playing; how the Amazon Fire TV stacks up to other set top boxes; if Pluto.TV can become the streaming video service the Internet deserves; Purity Balls (galas, not spheres) being a thing that happens, apparently; Mozilla’s CEO stepping down; and a man who intentionally made bees sting his testicles for science.

Recorded on: 04/06/2014

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